The new project, initiated by the International Eurasia Press Fund and supported by the Ministry of Education, will play an important role in your life. Our main goal is to take a number of steps to increase students ' social activity and develop your social activities, as well as to create conditions for revealing knowledgeable, competent and capable young people from your ranks.

Another reason for this initiative is to ensure the participation of students in promising projects that are relevant to their interests during their studies, to take important steps in the implementation of their knowledge and skills in practice, to increase their social activities and to eliminate the problems they face in such important issues as others.

The implementation of the project started on February 1. In addition, intensive work will be carried out in the direction of trainings envisaged in the framework of the project since March. The main directions of the project are directing students to practice programs during their studies, involving them in trainings, seminars for the development of their knowledge and skills, creating better opportunities for students by cooperating with educational institutions, strengthening relations with foreign students studying in Azerbaijan, promoting our history and national culture, organizing summer courses for students 'activities more colorful and being the main direction “" it is the creation of the website.