"Social activity and development of students in educational institutions"

The aim of the project is to improve the social activities of students in higher, secondary and vocational education institutions, their comprehensive development and involvement in community service, recognizing their social responsibility. Also, one of the main directions is to expand the scope of students both in the educational process and in social activities, to make them more interested in their specialties, to be active, to develop their scientific and other creativity, to understand the practical importance of knowledge.

Another goal of the project is to establish friendly and amicable relations between students and strengthen communication. This, in turn, means instilling in students the ability to work in a team from the time they are still studying. In this case, close relations are formed between the students, and the desire to work and the determination to overcome the difficulties together are formed. At the same time, it is important to instill in students a number of skills, such as the ability to properly assess their actions, to approach their work responsibly, and to create a good impression among the team. Because, a student who faces difficulties during the performance of labor activities, has shown endurance due to these habits, chooses a life credo, and does not lose. On the other hand, it is the duty of the society and individual responsible persons to create conditions and support each student in accordance with their knowledge and skills. In short, the goal is to form a visionary, educated, intellectual citizen of Azerbaijan!

During the project "Social activity and development of students in educational institutions" our main goal is to establish close contacts with students, introduce them to professionals in their field and use their experience, support their development by focusing on internships, trainings, seminars, creating conditions for interesting and effective students .

The Student Service Office established during the project plays an important role in increasing the effectiveness of the project. Thus, a lot of work will be done to ensure that students are successful both in their studies and in their future lives.

The Student Service Office plays an important role in improving the social performance of many students. By applying here, many students will both develop themselves and play a role in solving problems in society. 

The Student Service Office covers a number of responsibilities:

  1. Creation of "telebexidmet.az" website. Students who want to volunteer can easily learn about internship programs, register, and develop themselves by following development programs on the site, which will be easily created.
  2. Orientation of students to internship programs during their studies, involvement in trainings and seminars for the development of their knowledge and skills. At the same time, students' knowledge and skills will be improved, their access to internship programs will be expanded, they will be able to easily solve problems they may encounter in future work activities, and at the same time develop themselves and lead to the development of society. 
  3. Creating conditions for students to participate in trainings, seminars, competitions and creating billboards in educational institutions. With the creation of these boards, students will be able to easily get information from any trainings, seminars, competitions that meet their interests and are useful to them in the institutions where they study.
  4. Strengthening relations with foreign students studying in Azerbaijan, promoting our history and national culture.
  5. Establishment of summer courses in educational institutions. The creation of summer courses allows students to spend their free time effectively. At the same time, it is planned to establish contacts with Youth Homes located in the regions where students live, as well as to hold events that will cover their interests.