Social activity and development of students in educational institutions

The aim of the project is to improve the social activities of students in educational institutions, their comprehensive development, as well as to involve them in community service by understanding social responsibility. Also, one of the main directions is to expand the scope of students in both the educational process and social activities, to make them more interested in their specialties, to be active, to develop scientific and other creativity, to understand the practical importance of knowledge.

International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF)

Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The Student Service Office

“Student Service office” plays an important role in improving the social performance of many students. So, at this time, many students will apply here to improve themselves and play a role in solving problems in society.

Internship programs

Directing students to practice programs during their studies, involving them in trainings, seminars for the development of their knowledge and skills

Relations with foreign students

Strengthening relations with foreign students studying in Azerbaijan, introducing our history and national culture

Creating summer courses

Creating summer courses allows students to spend their leisure time effectively

Trainings, seminars, competitions

Creating conditions for students to participate in trainings, seminars and competitions